2010 Recipient of the WRIGHT SPIRIT AWARD from the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy

One of the last and long awaited undertakings for the Restoration of the Richardson House was the Doors, Window Panels and Casements. The wait was primarily due to the tremendous effort it would take to return them back to glory. The condition had deteriorated to a state where it would have been easier to scrap them for new. However, given the complications of matching the existing detail and fit, and of more concern, finding the quality of Cypress to rival the original, it was decided to approach it as a restoration project maintaining the original fabric in the context of preservation. The units were never properly weatherstripped and the hardware was haphazard. The crystal polished plate glass had been replaced with wavy insulated units which had failed to a cloudy haze. More disconcerting was the elimination of the FLLW details, which contribute much quality to his works by the protruding wood stops, which create the illusion of extra thickness, shadow line and physical strength by their profile.                                                         Complete   Spring 2014

                                                                                            Doors & Windows
Stuart Richardson House